Written by C.D.Philips &
Illustrated by Kiersten Marie

Written by C.D.Philips &
Illustrated by Kiersten Marie

About the comic

The adventures of a showgirl on the run and her misanthropic cyclops of a partner. Gunslingers & Spellslingers face off in a world reborn.

About the author & illustrator

Author - C.D. Phillips

Daryl first had the idea for Deadeye when he was in college. He thought about what it would look like if a medieval fantasy world developed enough technologically to enter into a steampunk/wild west era.

He holds a BFA in Creative Writing as well as both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Social Work. He works as a mental health and addictions counselor and uses the knowledge and experience he has gained in his career to develop characters who struggle with complex issues that can’t be solved with guns and magic.

This story ties together ideas he has had since as early as the 8th grade. The story of Deadeye ties in with some novels he is currently writing, but he isn’t going to give away how just yet…

Illustrator - Kiersten Marie

Graphic designer by day, illustrator and art hobbiest by night. Kiersten has been an artist since about the time she could hold a pencil. She considered many creative careers; animator, poet, singer, or even acting. But the art bug won out in the end. So she studied art & graphic design in college.

Kiersten met Daryl in 2006 and it was obvious that their creative tendencies complimented each other. Once she heard his story “Deadeye’, she fell in love with it. They began planning to turn his story into a webcomic. Years into the future and the characters of Deadeye are still one of her favorite things to draw. Daryl’s ability to build an intricate world while also inventing such in depth & interesting characters, makes creating content for the comic natural and enjoyable.